In the heart of Neaples since 1922, beside Santa Chiara’s bell tower, Lombardi Pizzeria was founded by Luigi Lombardi, son of Enrico who by the end of the XIX century was already cooking fried pizzas among the streets of the city.During the following years Lombardi’s pizza was tasted by many distinguished people like Gabriele d’Annnunzio, Matilde Serao and Salvatore Di Giacomo. But most of all, the Lombardi Family shared a serious bond of friendship with Benedetto Croce, who lived right in front of the Restaurant, in Filomarino Palace. After world war II and the burning of Santa Chiara monaster, the pizzeria moved to number 59 of the street that is now known as Via Benedetto Croce, in honor of the philosopher. In 2017 a new property took over the old pizzeria with a new management that continues the tradition of the pizzeria and it founder Luigi.